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About MirrEdge

MirrEdge is a mirror framing system of mirrored acrylic or woodgrain finish polymer framing strips used to enhance or cover the ugly black edge you sometimes get.  The corner plates are easily applied on top of the framing strips in each corner area where the vertical and horizontal strips meet eliminating the need to miter the framing strips.
  • Perfect for the Do-it-Yourselfer

  • Conceals ugly black-edges on existing bath and vanity mirrors

  • Corner plates eliminates the need to miter the corners

  • ​Seam Plates conceal the joint between Strips

  • Instructions and double sided tape are included in each package.

  • NOTE:  It is HIGHLY recommended that Customer purchase a small tube of Adhesive (such as Liquid Nails Adhesive Model LN-700) to be used with and NEXT TO our double-sided tape squares.

Before and After MirrEdge Do It Yourself Mirror Framing System.  Without MirrEdge, then with Royal Oak finish MirrEdge framing strips and corner plates.

Watch The MirrEdge Step-By-Step InstallationVideo

Amazing Craft Uses For MirrEdge


It never ceases to amaze how many uses there are for MirrEdge, a DIY framing system for existing mirrors.

This product has been in major home improvement stores for over twenty years.















After using the edging for mirrors, the leftover pieces are so useful.  I just discovered that with the extra pieces of MirrEdge you can use them in your garden plants to hold up flowers and the vines grow around the mirrored acrylic strips.

You can also make stunning wall pieces by buying a piece of canvas and glue the acrylic mirrored strips to make a one of a kind wall art.

If you enjoy crafting, take an empty cardboard carton and make flower containers and decorate the carton with MirrEdge framing strips.  There is no end to what people can do with MirrEdge strips.  The acrylic mirror is easily cut to size with a utility razor knife.  Just score and snap.






I recently framed a piece of Diamond Art work that looked boring and brightened it up with MirrEdge.

Send your ideas of what you did and we will put it on our website!

MirrEdge do it yourself mirror framing system in a Lowes Store Display
MirrEdge Do It Yourself Mirror Framing System Display in The Home Depot Stores.

Manufactured and Distributed By:
​Millennium International Development Corporation
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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