Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) ...

What is MirrEdge™? 
MirrEdge™ is a framing system that will enhance and beautify existing mirrors and will cosmetically conceal unsightly black edges that have formed around the edges of mirrors. The MirrEdge™ system consists of 1 ½ wide Woodgrain Finished Polymer Strips or Acrylic Mirror Strips applied directly onto the perimeter edges of a mirror and corner plates that are applied on top of the strips in the corners which greatly simplify installation. 

What Tools do I Need? 
All you will need is a tape measure and a razor knife, though we do recommend Liquid Nails 700 in addition to the double-sided sticky squares provided.

Where Can I Purchase MirrEdge™? 
Select local Home Depots in South Florida have MirrEdge™ in their stores or you can purchase through a MirrEdge™ Retailer/Wholesale via our Purchase Page

Why Do Edges of Mirrors Turn Black? 
A Silver Nitrate solution is applied to the cleaned surface of clear glass which forms a silver film reflective surface on the glass. This transforms glass into mirror. The silver film applied to glass is extremely thin. It can be scratched, damaged by chemicals, or attacked by particles in the air. During manufacturing the back surface of the film receives a coating of copper sulfate to protect the reflective surface from damage and contaminates. The copper sulfate then receives a coat of protective paint. During installation of the mirrors it is not unusual for the seal of the protective coating to be damaged particularly on the edges of the mirror where the seal is extremely thin. By its very nature the silver nitrate and the copper sulfate react to contaminates in the air, as well as moisture and corrosive cleaning agents, and then oxidizes, forming Black Edge.

Can I stop the edges of my mirror from turning black? 
Careful and meticulous cleaning and the protective coating application prior to installation of the mirrors may prevent or deter the occurrence of oxidation. However, any microscopic break in the seal of the protective coating will start the oxidation process. 

Will the MirrEdge™ system edges also turn black? 
Woodgrain Finished MirrEdge™ Strips and Acrylic Mirror Strips do not utilize silver nitrate as its reflective surface or copper sulfate backing. Therefore both Woodgrain Finished MirrEdge™ Strips and MirrEdge™ Beveled Acrylic Mirror Strips will not have a tendency to oxidize. 

DO NOT USE CLEANERS THAT CONTAIN AMMONIA or other chemicals directly on the surface of your mirrors. Apply cleaning agents to a soft cloth then wipe mirrors to clean.

It is important to use MirrEdge™ Adhesive or Liquid Nails Adhesive Multi-Purpose only (not supplied), along with the double face tape squares supplied in each package. The double face tape will hold product in place while adhesive dries.

Will replacing my mirror be a better solution to getting rid of the black edges? 
All mirrors at some point in time will oxidize, some to a greater degree than others. Oxidation development depends mostly upon the corrosive and humidity content of the atmosphere as well as the fabrication technique of the mirror installer. Mirror fabrication is not performed in a clinically sanitized environment and therefore no guarantee can be given that mirrors will not develop Black Edge. Replacement of mirrors is a great deal more costly than the application of MirrEdge™.


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